Motion Sensors and Security lighting

Motion Sensors and Security lighting 1

Sensors can be used for your safety and protection. They respond to changes in either light, temperature or movement. Using these either inside or outside can help you not only with safety but can also make your home or business more energy-efficient! Outdoor motion sensors Security lights can either be used by your front door […]

How GFCI Outlets Could Save Your Life

Electricity power supply plug and outlet

Electricity always flows in one direction, positive to negative, aka ground. When you plug in an electrical device to an outlet it completes a circuit allowing electricity to flow through the device, giving it power. A ground fault occurs when a current takes an unintended path to ground, causing a shock.  When outlets were first […]

Wiring Updates

Wiring Updates 2

Your appliances and electronics in your home always work fine, but does that mean your wiring is up to date? Not necessarily. You should consider having a professional inspect your houses wiring, especially if your home is older than 40 years old. Installing proper wiring does more than just ensure your safety, it means your […]