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Christmas Light InstallationIt’s that time of year! Come November 1, most people begin to see neighbors putting up the first of the Christmas decorations and outdoor lights. It’s a fun and festive time of year, and you love the look of your home all lit up. However, actually putting up the Christmas lights can be a tedious chore. You envision scenes from Christmas Vacation and begin to question whether it’s really worth all the effort.

Well, don’t fret. You can have your lights without the hassle with a little help from our team at RU Electrical Service, Inc. of McCordsville, IN.

Professional Christmas light installation is one of the many lighting services that our electricians offer. We can make sure your lights look just the way you want them while also keeping your home safe by not overloading your circuits. Our technicians can even give you tips on not breaking the bank with your electric bill during the holiday season.

Just think of all the things you could do with your time instead of hanging Christmas lights:

  • Spend the afternoon relaxing with family or friends.
  • Get the house ready for extended family members staying with you.
  • Go Christmas shopping.
  • Take your special someone out on a date.
  • Enjoy an afternoon of watching football (or your favorite holiday movie).
  • Start putting up your decorations indoors.
  • And so much more.

RU Electrical Service offers residential lighting, installation, home wiringtroubleshooting, and repair services to residents living in and around Indianapolis, McCordsvilleCarmelFishersGreenfield, and Zionsville. We’ve been in business since 1989, and our years of experience, credentials, and professionalism speak for themselves.

To get a quote on Christmas light installation or to find out more about our home wiring services, contact RU Electrical Service today at (317) 348-5047.

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Parking Lot LightingAs a business owner in Indianapolis, you want to make sure your office building or industrial space stays in top condition. You have staff members who take care of the day-to-day upkeep, but when it comes to your building’s electrical system, you know you need a professional electrical contractor on your side. You need RU Electrical Service, Inc.

RU Electrical Service has been providing electrical troubleshooting, repair, and installation services for satisfied customers throughout Indianapolis since 1989. We serve both commercial and residential customers in Indy, CarmelFishersGreenfieldMcCordsville, and Zionsville. With over two decades of experience and a history of quality workmanship, you know you’re getting a professional electrician you can rely on.

For our commercial customers, we provide a wide range of electrical services, including:

  • Parking lot lighting repairs and installations
  • Wiring for office expansions or new construction
  • Installation of new lighting or outlets
  • Lighting repair or upgrades
  • Ongoing light maintenance (including group bulb replacement or relamping, outdoor lighting, and so on)
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Safety check
  • And more

Whether you have flickering lights or an outlet that won’t work, we also provide troubleshooting services. Our electrician can come to your office or commercial property to help you determine cause for concern. We’ll do a thorough assessment of the issues, track down the problem, and give you some repair options that fit your budget and property needs. Before doing a major overhaul, we’ll be sure to walk you through the issue and give you a quote on how to fix it.

At RU Electrical Service, we pride ourselves on helping Indianapolis business owners or property managers find reasonable, affordable solutions to all their wiring, lighting, and electrical needs. To find out more about our commercial service or to speak with one of our electricians, contact us today at (317) 348-5047.

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Home Lighting and WiringDid you recently move into a new home, only to discover that the lights flicker? Maybe you have been in your home for a while, but suddenly you’re going through light bulbs at a rapid rate. Don’t chock it up to “older home issues” or hope that they’ll just go away. Instead, call RU Electrical Service, Inc.

Our electricians are professionals, fully trained in helping residential and commercial customers troubleshoot home wiring and electrical issues. Just a few of the problems we’ve been able to diagnose and repair include:

  • Electrical outlets not working
  • Sudden increase in the electric bill
  • Breaker has been flipped more than usual
  • Outdoor decorative lighting continues to short out
  • Light switch that doesn’t seem to turn anything on or off

These are a just a few examples of the electrical issues we’ve been able to figure out for Indianapolis homeowners.

And the good news? We don’t just troubleshoot the issues; we give you a solution for fixing it. We’ve been in business in Indianapolis for over 25 years, and our master electricians have the know-how and the experience to solve any residential or commercial electrical issue.

In addition to our troubleshooting and repairs, we also offer professional installation for all your remodeling or home projects. Our electricians can:

  • Install a new bedroom ceiling fan
  • Complete the home wiring for a home add-on or basement remodel
  • Help you install a Christmas light display the entire neighborhood will be talking about
  • Set up wiring for a new hot tub or swimming pool
  • Install surround sound for your media room
  • Upgrade your home lighting
  • And more

From troubleshooting and repairs to installations, RU Electrical Service has you covered. We serve the greater Indianapolis area, including McCordsvilleCarmelFishersZionsville, and Greenfield. To find out more or to schedule electrical service, contact us today at (317) 348-5047.

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home wiringYou’ve decided to invest in a quality surround sound system for your Indianapolis home. You dream of nights watching your favorite blockbusters in your media room, with buttery popcorn and a cold beverage in hand. Maybe you envision having your friends over for the big game, grabbing a drink and some snacks, and being able to feel like you’re almost there in the crowd.

You can’t wait to set up your new toy. We don’t blame you. Surround sound can change your TV-viewing experience. However, even a high-end surround sound system can fail to work well if it’s not installed properly—and you didn’t invest in that system for it not to work at its best.

To make sure your home wiring is done right, consider hiring a professional electrician like RU Electrical Service, Inc. Our electricians have years of experience with all types of home projects, including sound systems, light fixture installation, home rewiring, electrical panels, and more. We serve residents in the Indianapolis area, including CarmelMcCordsvilleFishersGreenfield, and Zionsville.

We’ll take the time to make sure your sound system is installed properly. Not only does our team make sure everything is hooked up correctly, but we will also make sure that wires remain as inconspicuous as possible. That way, your sound system won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your home’s design. Our electricians make sure every customer and project get the time and attention they need so you can rest assured it’s done right.

Don’t wait another day to take your TV experience to the next level. Get an estimate on our surround sound installation services by contacting RU Electrical today at (317) 348-5047. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote. In no time, we can get your media room set up with your very own surround sound system.

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You’ve recently invested in an Indianapolis home in need of some updates. From kitchen remodeling to a new roof, you have your work cut out for you, but you’re ready for the challenge and anxious to see the transformation. Much of the work you may be able to do on your own, but when it comes to home wiring and electrical, you will need a certified electrician.

home wiring

RU Electrical Service, Inc. is Indy’s own electrical company that can assist you in any number of home wiring projects, including:

  • Rewiring: If your electrical system is outdated or in need of repair, you may need to have your electrical brought up to code.
  • Installation: Many remodeling projects require new electrical units, especially if you’re doing an addition or want a hookup for a hot tub or new TV. For these projects, you’ll need professional installation.
  • Upgrades: Are you interested in recessed or LED lighting? Want to transition from fluorescent lights to something a bit less harsh? Ask our electricians about recent trends in home lighting.
  • Storm Protection & Repair: Are you interested in surge protection to safeguard against storms? Or maybe a storm has already come through and your home was damaged? Our electricians have your back.
  • Troubleshooting: Many older homes have electrical issues that just don’t seem to make sense: a light switch that seems to do nothing or flickering lights. Let our electricians get to the bottom of it.

When it comes to home wiring and electrical repair, RU Electrical Service is your Indianapolis expert. Our team can help you with your home remodel, making sure your electrical is of the highest quality.

To get a free quote for your home upgrades, contact RU Electrical Service at (317) 348-5047 during regular business hours. We serve residents in and around Indianapolis, McCordsvilleCarmelFishersGreenfield, and Zionsville.



As a reputable business in Indianapolis, you want to make sure your parking lot is a safe environment for you, your employees, and your customers or clients. A dim parking lot is not welcoming and poses some safety concerns. To combat poor parking lot lighting, you need the trusted commercial electricians from RU Electrical Service, Inc.

We are the Indianapolis area’s trusted expert in all things commercial lighting, including:

  • Service upgrades
  • Interior & exterior lighting installation
  • Ongoing lighting maintenance
  • Parking lot lighting installation & upgrades

Our commercial electricians serve Indianapolis-area businesses in McCordsvilleCarmelFishersGreenfield, and Zionsville. You can arrange for us to come to your business and assess your parking lot lighting needs. We’ll give you a free consultation and estimate. If you decide to proceed with RU Electrical Service, Inc., we’ll work with your schedule and your budget to find a parking lot lighting solution that works best for you.

RU Electrical Service, Inc. has been serving central Indiana with home wiring and commercial electrical services since 1989. We’ve become a trusted name in the area, and we want to partner with you to solve your parking lot lighting concerns. Contact RU Electrical Service, Inc. today at (317) 348-5047 to learn more.



Are you in the process of hiring an electrician for a home wiring project? Maybe you’re remodeling, and you need a quality electrician to make sure all the electrical is up to code. Before you say yes to an electrician, be sure to ask plenty of questions to ensure you’ve found a good one. The team at RU Electrical Service, Inc. of Indianapolis recommends that you start with these four questions.


Make sure the electrician is licensed and has plenty of experience for your specific home project. While you can find plenty of good handymen out there, you want to make sure your property improvements are done up to code and with high standards. So check the electrician’s credentials!


Some electricians may have a broad range of home wiring experience. But for your home, you may want someone who has specific home wiring experience with the space you want to remodel, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or basement.


Electricians each have their own system for billing clients. Get a quote from the electrician and read through the terms carefully. One thing you may want to pay special attention to is how the company charges for labor. Some electricians may charge a flat fee for their electrical services, while others may charge hourly (or some combination of the two).


If you’re in a time crunch to get your project completed, be sure to ask how much time the electrician needs to finish the project. Granted, unexpected things always pop up during home wiring projects, but you want to have a general idea of what to expect.

Be sure to ask these—and any other questions you might have—before hiring an electrician for your home project. You want to feel comfortable with who is in your home and the quality of work you can expect. So, by all means, ask your questions!

If you’re looking for a professional electrician in Indianapolis, McCordsvilleCarmelFishersGreenfield, or Zionsvillecontact RU Electrical Service, Inc. at (317) 348-5047. We will gladly answer all your questions and help you develop a plan for your next big home project.

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Have you been staring at those bronze light fixtures for too long? Are you ready to install home lighting that’s a bit more updated? Don’t put off these home projects any longer. Whether you want to change your light fixtures or install new recessed lighting, trust your home lighting needs to the electricians at RU Electrical Service of Indianapolis.

home lighting

Our electricians are experts in all things home wiring, and we can help you install your new light fixtures in no time. We can help you get rid of that gaudy chandelier, replacing it with a more modern fixture to lighten your dining room and transform your living space.

If you want to install lighting where it hasn’t been before, we can even rewire your home for a new lighting solution. For example, many of our customers want canned lighting or track lights to replace fluorescent lighting or to highlight wall art in specific areas of their homes. Our team can get these jobs done right and help save your valuable time for other things.

If you own an older home, you may also want to consider having our electricians assess your home wiring to make sure it is up to code prior to changing out your lighting. We can come to your home to assess your current home wiring and give you a quote for both changing out your light fixtures and any electrical upgrades necessary.

Our electricians have years of experience in home wiring and can complete any job—from light fixtures to surround sound—efficiently and with professionalism. We serve the homeowners in Indianapolis, CarmelFishersMcCordsvilleZionsville, and the surrounding areas. To get a free estimate, contact RU Electrical Service today at (317) 348-5047.




Are you an Indianapolis-area business owner or manager? Whether you rent or own your property, maintaining it can feel like a huge chore that never ends. Even simple tasks like changing a light bulb can become burdensome in “light” of the other responsibilities you and your employees have. (We’re betting there’s more than one light bulb in your building…)


Don’t get bogged down by the responsibility of keeping your office, store, or restaurant well lit. Instead, call the electricians at RU Electrical Service, Inc. Our team specializes in commercial electrical and lighting solutions. We can help you choose lights or light bulbs that are efficient or help you find custom wiring solutions.

Plus, our electricians offer specialized lighting maintenance services. So if you want to hand off the responsibility of changing light bulbs, keeping parking lot lights bright and safe, or group relamping, the electricians of RU Electrical Service, Inc. can meet your needs. We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services to Indianapolis businesses like yours that can make your life easier and allow you to focus on the bigger day-to-day tasks of running your business.

RU Electrical Service, Inc. is based out of McCordsville, IN and provides electrical service to businesses and residents in Indianapolis, CarmelFishersGreenfield, and ZionsvilleContact RU Electrical Service, Inc. today at (317) 348-5047 to hear about all our commercial electrical services.

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We’ve all been there—you move into a new home, get all settled in, but before long you notice that one mystery switch seems to go nowhere and do nothing. You plug in lamps in every outlet or send your friend throughout the house to see whether anything changes as you switch it from On to Off.

light switch

Now you’re at the end of your rope: What DOES that light switch do?

Don’t go crazy or begin putting holes in walls. Instead, call a certified electrician at RU Electrical Service, Inc. in Indianapolis. We promise you’re not the first person with a mystery switch. Allow our electrical contractor to come to your home, assess your home wiring, and give you a detailed analysis of where the switch runs. Our electricians can even provide you with options on what to do next.

From there, you decide. If the issue isn’t a safety concern, some Indy homeowners choose to live with the light switch that does nothing—resting in the knowledge that they weren’t going crazy. However, other people decide to have RU Electrical Service, Inc. fix the issue or upgrade their electrical wiring.

No home wiring question or concern is too “out there” for our team at RU Electrical Service, Inc. For any home lighting problems or needs, contact us at (317) 348-5047. Our electrical contractors are skilled in troubleshooting, repairing, and installing home wiring. We serve homeowners in or around IndianapolisCarmelMcCordsvilleFishers, and Zionsville.