Lighting is an extremely important aspect of a well-designed bathroom. Proper lighting can make your home feel more welcoming and can even make a cramped bathroom seem more spacious. Here at RU Electrical Services, your go-to Indianapolis electrician, we’ve thought up some tips to help you utilize the lighting in your bathroom more effectively.

The lighting in your Indianapolis bathroom serves many practical purposes. A well-lit bathroom can help you transition from being asleep to rising for work in the morning. Proper lighting around the mirrors is also necessary for precision beard or eyebrow grooming. If you want some extra insight on setting your bathroom in the right light, check out the Indianapolis electrician lighting tips below from RU Electrical Services.

Color: Color plays a big role with your bathroom’s lighting. Darker paint colors on the walls will absorb light and make smaller bathrooms feel claustrophobic. Light color tones reflect light and can create a more open atmosphere in your bathroom.

Natural Light: Natural light promotes relaxation. By utilizing mirrors in your bathroom, you can reflect and distribute sunshine through your bathroom without expensive window installation. The thing about sunlight, though, is that it doesn’t work at night for some reason. That’s why it’s important to not just think about how the lighting in your bathroom looks during the day, but how it will appear when the sun goes down as well.

Trust the Professionals: If you want to update the lighting or electrical wiring in your bathroom, but don’t know exactly what you’re working with, call on a trusted professional Indianapolis electrician like RU Electrical Services to inspect your home wiring.

You may even save considerable money on medical bills when you call on a seasoned expert to handle projects you can’t tackle on your own – especially with something as serious as your home’s electrical wiring.

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