Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are common fixtures in most households because they provide you with lots of comfort. They’re great for controlling the temperature and the lighting. If you’re looking for help with your ceiling fan installation then you’re in the right place. At RU Electrical Service we have over 30 years of ceiling fan installation experience. Let us help you make an informed decision for your ceiling fan needs.
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How hard is it to install a ceiling fan?

Adding a ceiling fan to your home can make it a much more comfortable space. This project is fairly difficult. It typically requires two electricians to install a ceiling fan in a timely manner with few difficulties. On a scale from 1 to 10, We would rank this a 5. That means that the project should go fairly smoothly and should take less than half a day at the very longest.

How does RU Electrical Service install ceiling fans?

1. Introduce ourselves to the customer and identify the installation site.
2. Gather our materials and equipment.
3. Measure the placement of the fan box.
4. Cut the hole and install the fan bracket.
5. Cut the hole for the new switch.
6. Run the wire from the switch to the fan.
7. Install fan components and mount fan to the bracket.
8. Install the switch and mount the faceplate to the switch.
9. Test the wiring.
10. Turn on the power and test the fan.

Why should I trust RU Electrical Service ceiling fan installation services?

We can install your ceiling fan fast and efficiently. When you call us we bring everything we need to finish the job. You don’t have to supply anything to us but the fan and entry to your home. We do the entire installation in just a short amount of time and we don’t leave a mess. Our service is convenient and it is also safe. You can rely on us to make sure that every safety precaution is taken as we are installing your ceiling fan. The danger of electricity can be great if not handled by someone who is properly trained. Our electricians take safety very seriously. You get to sleep soundly after the installation knowing that your electrical wiring is up to code and your family can enjoy your new ceiling fan installation. RU Electrical service has been installing ceiling fans for over 30 years without incident and we will make sure you get the same levels of safety as the rest of our clients.
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Don’t wait, call us for all of your ceiling fan installation needs today!

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What kind of options do I have when installing a new ceiling fan?

Fans can be beautiful and functional or cost-efficient and energy compliant. There are a lot of different companies out there that make fans. Some fan companies are good and some are not. We have put together a list of ceiling fan brands and ceiling fan types for your consideration.

What brands of ceiling fans should I consider?

Honeywell Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fan Designers
Hunter Fan Company
Westinghouse Lighting
Hampton Bay
Home Decorators Collection
Minka Aire

What type of ceiling fans should I consider?

Standard Ceiling Fans
Low Profile Ceiling Fans
Energy Star Ceiling fans
Dual Motor Ceiling Fans
Remote Controlled Ceiling Fans
Damp & Wet Ceiling Fans
Outdoor Ceiling Fans

What else do I need to install a ceiling fan?

Your ceiling fan is going to come in a box with all of the parts to it needs to run. It doesn’t, however, come with everything you need to complete the installation. You will need some additional parts:

Ceiling fan mounting bracket or
Or a ceiling fan mounting box depending on the placement of the ceiling fan
Electrical wiring

Can I install a ceiling fan myself?

The technical answer is yes. However, if you’ve never done it before, you may be in for a surprise at how difficult this job truly is. There are lots of tools involved like ladders, fish tape, saws, screwdrivers, drop cloths and in most cases a second set of hands to help. Even if you could do everything by yourself getting the fan up to the ceiling could be the one thing that keeps you from tackling this one alone. We do not recommend installing this by yourself. This one should be left up to someone who is experienced and has another person to help.
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