Circuit Breaker Replacement


A circuit breaker may be one of the most important safety features for your home to have. When too much electricity flows through the electrical wiring in your building, a circuit breaker allows for the current flow to be stopped before starting a fire or causing any other issues. A circuit breaker is one of the simplest fixes for what could be a potentially deadly problem in your home. Is your circuit breaker up to date or is it struggling to meet the load demands? Ru-Electrical can help.

Benefits of Circuit Breaker Replacement

  • Reduce the risk of fire, protecting all your valuables
  • Prevent damage to expensive electronics and appliances from electrical surges
  • Avoid interruptions to your internet connection or loss of data from your computers
  • Ease of mind knowing your home is safe from electrical damage

Professional Installation will ensure your safety

Are you up to speed on the safety code for installation of circuit breakers? It’s always better to let a professional take care of installation to guarantee you are up to safety standards and can live stress free from electrical issues in your home. Not only can improper installation lead to safety and insurance issues but it will leave you vulnerable to fires, putting your family in danger.

You may experience in the worst case, the loss of your home from a carelessly installed breaker. Shock hazard is another major worry, when installing a circuit breaker. Better to let your mind be at ease by letting RU-Electrical handle your installations. We will ALWAYS do the job right the first time and set you up for success.

Our guarantee is leaving your home with you having a newly found peace of mind. After your new circuit breakers are put in place you’ll never have to worry about running multiple appliances at the same time. Electrical fire worries will be a thing of the past.