Parking Lot LightingAs a business owner in Indianapolis, you want to make sure your office building or industrial space stays in top condition. You have staff members who take care of the day-to-day upkeep, but when it comes to your building’s electrical system, you know you need a professional electrical contractor on your side. You need RU Electrical Service

RU Electrical Service has been providing electrical troubleshooting, repair, and installation services for satisfied customers throughout Indianapolis since 1989. We serve both commercial and residential customers in Indy, CarmelFishersGreenfieldMcCordsville, and Zionsville. With over two decades of experience and a history of quality workmanship, you know you’re getting a professional electrician you can rely on.

For our commercial customers, we provide a wide range of electrical services, including:

  • Parking lot lighting repairs and installations
  • Wiring for office expansions or new construction
  • Installation of new lighting or outlets
  • Lighting repair or upgrades
  • Ongoing light maintenance (including group bulb replacement or relamping, outdoor lighting, and so on)
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Safety check
  • And more

Whether you have flickering lights or an outlet that won’t work, we also provide troubleshooting services. Our electrician can come to your office or commercial property to help you determine cause for concern. We’ll do a thorough assessment of the issues, track down the problem, and give you some repair options that fit your budget and property needs. Before doing a major overhaul, we’ll be sure to walk you through the issue and give you a quote on how to fix it.

At RU Electrical Service, we pride ourselves on helping Indianapolis business owners or property managers find reasonable, affordable solutions to all their wiring, lighting, and electrical needs. To find out more about our commercial service or to speak with one of our electricians, contact us today at (317) 348-5047.