Electrical Outlet Repair

Electrical outlets are on every wall of our homes and you use them more than you know. You may not notice how much you use them until you need an electrical outlet repair. If you think you need electrical outlet repair then you’re in the right place. RU Electrical Service has over 30 years of electrical outlet repair experience. Let us figure out the best way to help you with your electrical outlet repairs.
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What is wrong with my electrical outlet?

There are many ways an outlet can break. They can lose power entirely or they can get worn out to the point that plugs will no longer stay plugged in. Nothing you plug into the outlet works or nothing stays plugged in. These are the two common problems we see when our clients call us to help them repair their electrical outlets. The other possibilities are a short in the wiring somewhere in the circuit or the actual item being plugged in could be faulty too.

How do I fix my electrical outlet, safely?

The safest way to fix your electrical outlet is to call a licensed electrician. There will be no safer or more convenient way to have your electrical outlet restored to its working condition. An electrician will take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

If you do not have any prior electrical experience we do not suggest you touch your electrical components without proper supervision.

How does RU Electrical Service repair outlets?

RU Electrical Service electricians use the following process when repairing electrical outlets for our clients.

1. Locate the faulty electrical outlet
2. Identify the appropriate circuit breaker and cut the power to the outlet in question.
3. Test the outlet to make sure the power is off.
4. Remove the faceplate screws and set the faceplate to the side.
5. Remove the top and bottom screws that attach the outlet to the electrical box.
6. Carefully pull the outlet out of the wall.
7. Check the terminals for proper wiring and connections.
8. Unscrew the wire terminal screws and remove the wiring from the outlet.
9. Take the new outlet and replace the wires under the proper terminals.
10. Place the outlet back into the box and replace the top and bottom mounting screws.
11. Reinstall the decorative plate.
12. Go back to the breaker and restore the power.
13. Check to see that the switch turns the light off and on.
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Don’t wait, call us for all of your electrical outlet repair needs today!

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Why should I trust RU Electrical Service electrical outlet repair?

We will solve your electrical problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner. When you call on us we make sure to bring everything needed to complete your job. You don’t have to supply us with anything. You don’t have to go shopping for parts and you won’t find yourself wandering around Home Depot for hours on end either. We do everything for you while you relax or do something else. Our service is convenient and safe. We have been dealing with electrical safety for over 30 years without incident. You can trust us with the safety of your home and loved ones. Our electricians are trained to never leave a mess so you don’t have to worry about cleaning either. We show up, improve your house in some way, and we leave without a mess.

Do I need to replace my electrical outlet?

In most cases, you will need to replace the entire device. Sometimes the repair that is needed is not located in the device itself. A break can occur in the circuit to the panel, the circuit to the load, or it can occur in the item you’re trying to plugin. If it’s not the electrical outlet there is no need to worry. We can help with all of your electrical repair needs including cords and lamps.

What kind of options do I have when replacing my electrical outlets?

You don’t have to just put the same outlet type right back in. If you have a break and need to replace the outlet anyway you might as well take the time to consider upgrading your electrical outlets to something more useful. You can ask your electrician what they carry in stock or you can choose your own brand of outlet.

Types of electrical outlets

Standard outlets
GFCI outlets
AFCI outlets
20A outlets
Switched outlets
USB outlets
Smart outlets

Brands of electrical outlets

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Don’t wait, call us for all of your electrical outlet repair needs today!

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