Electrical Panel Repair

Somewhere in your home, there is an electrical panel that is powering or was powering every component that you own. That panel is there to supply you with power while keeping you safe. If you think that you need electrical panel repair then you have come to the right place. RU Electrical Service has over 30 years of electrical panel repair experience. Let us help you find the best way to repair your electrical panel.
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What is wrong with my electrical panel?

Your electrical panel can break in many ways. Inside of it are breakers of all different types and sizes. Each one of those breakers presents a possible location of the problem. The wires coming in and out of the panel are also possible culprits. Sometimes the problem seems to be in the panel but really it is on the outside of the home. No worry, our expert electricians will be able to figure out the exact issue and repair it while you take a load off in the other room.

How do I fix my electrical panel, safely?

The safest way to fix your electrical panel is to call a trusted electrician. There will be no safer or more convenient way to have your electrical panel restored to its working condition. An electrician will take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of your home and your family.

If you do not have any prior electrical experience we do not suggest you touch your electrical panel without proper supervision.

How does RU Electrical Service repair electrical panels?

RU Electrical Service electricians use the following process when repairing electrical panels for our clients.

1. Locate the faulty panel.
2. Test all of the connections in the panel for shorts.
3. Locate the cause of the problem within the breakers or wiring.
4. Replace the faulty breaker or wire.
5. Test the panel for functionality.
6. Restore the power to the home.
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Don’t wait, call us for all of your electrical panel repair needs today!

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Why should I trust RU Electrical Service electrical panel repair?

You can trust us to repair your electrical panel the right way. Not only are we going to use every safety precaution necessary while we work but we will never overcharge you and replace things that don’t need to be replaced. Often times we hear of stories where people are taken advantage of and the crooked electrician racked up an oversized bill for something that should be fairly simple. We will only replace what is needed and that’s guaranteed. In addition to being safe and fair, we’re also very fast and efficient. When you call us to fix your electrical panel you can rest assured that we will show up on time with all of the tools and materials needed to complete the job. You won’t have to go to the story and find parts. You won’t have to supply us with anything. We will do all the work for you and we won’t even leave a mess. Our policy is to leave every job better than it was.

Do I need to replace my electrical panel?

In most cases, you will not need to replace the whole panel. Typically the problem will lie in a component of the panel. There are cases when you would need to replace the whole panel. If this is the case with your home we will show you exactly why you need a new panel. If the problem turns out to be something other than an electrical panel you don’t have to worry about calling someone else. It is likely we can fix the problem the same day so long as we have all the parts necessary.

What kind of panels does RU Electrical Service work on?

There are different breaker panels and electrical panels for different applications. We can help you with any kind of panel in your home or business.

Types of electrical panels

Main breaker panel
Fuse boxes
Main lug panels
Transfer switches

What kinds of electrical panel brands should I consider?

Brands of electrical panels

General Electric panels
Westinghouse panels
Cutler-Hammer panels
Siemens panels
Square D panels
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Don’t wait, call us for all of your electrical panel repair needs today!

RU Electrical Service electrical panel repair service area

  • Electrical Panel Repair in Indianapolis, IN
  • Electrical Panel Repair in Fishers, IN
  • Electrical Panel Repair in McCordsville, IN
  • Electrical Panel Repair in Carmel, IN
  • Electrical Panel Repair in Greenfield, IN