When was the last time you took a good, long look at your restaurant’s enhance lighting? Unfortunately, many Indianapolis owners or managers of food establishments don’t pay attention to their restaurant lighting until a problem exists. You may be missing out on a prime opportunity to let your lighting set the mood for your guests. 

But let’s be real: Who has the time to think about lighting installationmaintenance, or repairs when there’s a restaurant to run? Not you. 

What you need is a restaurant lighting specialist like RU Electrical Service, Inc. of Indianapolis. RU Electrical Service, Inc., is a lighting and electric company that knows the value of proper installation and ongoing maintenance of restaurant lighting


If your current restaurant lighting isn’t creating the atmosphere you want, then you may want to upgrade or install a new lighting system. RU Electrical Service, Inc. can make sure you get the proper lighting at a reasonable price. We make sure we work with only certified and efficient contractors who can get the job done right.


When you use RU Electrical Service, Inc. for the ongoing maintenance of your restaurant lights, you can expect us to regularly send electricians to your Indianapolis restaurant to:

  • Assess your lighting needs. We want to make sure you maintain the atmosphere you seek, as well as the safety and security that comes from a properly-lit restaurant and surrounding parking lot.
  • Replace bulbs, either individually or in groups (which is actually a more cost-effective option). Have hard-to-reach lights? No problem. Our technicians have the proper gear to reach even difficult light bulbs.
  • Conduct repairs, as needed.

Additionally, we can help install seasonal holiday lighting or provide solutions to make your lighting more cost-effective for your business.

Allow RU Electrical Service, Inc. to help enhance your restaurant’s ambience by installing or maintaining your restaurant lighting. To inquire about pricing or to schedule a consultation, call RU Electrical Service, Inc. at (317) 348-5047.

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