We’ve all been there—you move into a new home, get all settled in, but before long you notice that one mystery switch seems to go nowhere and do nothing. You plug in lamps in every outlet or send your friend throughout the house to see whether anything changes as you switch it from On to Off.

light switch

Now you’re at the end of your rope: What DOES that light switch do?

Don’t go crazy or begin putting holes in walls. Instead, call a certified electrician at RU Electrical Service in Indianapolis. We promise you’re not the first person with a mystery switch. Allow our electrical contractor to come to your home, assess your home wiring, and give you a detailed analysis of where the switch runs. Our electricians can even provide you with options on what to do next.

From there, you decide. If the issue isn’t a safety concern, some Indy homeowners choose to live with the light switch that does nothing—resting in the knowledge that they weren’t going crazy. However, other people decide to have RU Electrical Service fix the issue or upgrade their electrical wiring.

No home wiring question or concern is too “out there” for our team at RU Electrical Service For any home lighting problems or needs, contact us at (317) 348-5047. Our electrical contractors are skilled in troubleshooting, repairing, and installing home wiring. We serve homeowners in or around IndianapolisCarmelMcCordsvilleFishers, and Zionsville.