Our residential electrical repair service can help you with flickering lights, a breaker that keeps tripping, or a switch that just won’t work. Whatever electrical problems you’re having our experienced crew of residential electricians knows how to fix it.
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Electrical Repair Services

Fan Repair

Ceiling fan repairs often occur when the ceiling fan breaks and the wiring comes undone or the some of the ceiling fan components stop working. The problem could lie in the switch or the wiring coming from the panel and into the switchbox. It could also be from the switchbox to the fan or even in the fan itself. Our Electricians are trained to find why your ceiling fan is broken. Don’t go without your fan longer than you need to. Let RUESI take care of all of your ceiling fan repairs.
Silver ceiling fan
Professional electrician on ladder

Light Repair

Light repairs are common and sometimes need an electrician to make things right. Indoor lighting repairs should be done safely and up to the National Electrical Code. When your lights don’t come on it could be a switch or the wires that go from the switch to the panel. It may be that the problem is in the wiring that goes from the swithc to the indoor lighting or it is the light itself. Before trying any of this make sure the bulb is good. Call RUESI for all of your indoor light repairs.

Electrical Outlet Repair

electrical outlet repair aka electrical receptacle repair is easy to a licensed electrician. Broken outlets can be a pain and can also be a danger. Electrical fires can occur from faulty electrical outlets that need to be repaired. Don’t let your electrical outlet repairs go unfixed. Electrical outlts can have problems in the device or even in the wires that are coming from the panel. Sometimes when an electrical outlet seems broken it is another outlet on the same circuit that is actually the problem. That’s why electrical outlet repairs can be tricky and you should call RUESI to have it takene care of quickly and safely.
Hands of young professional electrician repairing or checking voltage of socket
Hand holding a power cable

Electrical Plug Repair

Electrical plug repairs can be done with speed by an electrician. Broken plugs can cause arcs and may be a danger to homeowners. Electrical plugs can go bad and not work causing you to go without power. If your plug head is looking shabby the electrical plug repair shouldn’t wait. You should never use a broken plug without having it repaired by an electrician first. Call us for all your electrical plug repairs.

Landscape Light Repair

Landscape light repairs are a walk in the park for the righ electrician. Often times the landscape lighting wire will get cut and need a splice. Sometimes that actual Landscape lighting fixture needs repaired. Sometimes the bulb just needs replace or the socket is broken. Whatever the problem, call us for all of your landscape lighting repairs
Rocky Garden with Lighting
Swimming pool in night vision

Pool Light Repair

Do you need a Pool light repair? This simple electrical repair can be done by our trained electricians. If your pool light is broken it could be a bad bulb, socket, or cord. It may even be the electrical connection at the panel. Our repairmen are available to help you with all your pool light repairs. Just give us a call.

Electrical Cord Repair

Electrical cord repair is a common task for our electricians. Cords can fray or split. They can get stretched and break apart. All of these scenarios require electrical cord repairs. Don’t keep using that broken cord or going without power. Call us today for all of your electrical cord repairs.
Electricity power supply plug and outlet
electrician supervisor is checking the installation of a wall socket

Electrical Socket Repair

Electrical socket repair is necessary when the socket goes bad. This can be caused by water, a bad light bulb, a short and many others. If you want your lights to work correctly you your need sockets to be in working order. Let RUESI handle all of your electrical socket repairs.

Electric Wire Repair

Electrical wire repair is needed when you have a broken wire. Broken wires can be dangerous but usually are just a nuisance. Wire repair is need when a wire gets cut or is ripped apart and breaks. Generally a splice or a junction box will do but sometimes the wire has to be replaced entirely. This means the circuit will need to be run agian. Don’t chance a bad job let RUESI handle all of your electrical wire repairs.
Dangerous bad wiring leading to the bulb
Copper or bronze metal pipes in warehouse. Heavy non-ferrous met

Electric Conduit Repair

Electrical conduit repair isn’t needed all that often as electrical conduits are designed to be tough. But every now and then something happens where someone breaks one and they’re left wondering how to fix the broken conduit. Don’t worry, it’s a simple fix for a licensed electrician at RUESI. Electrical conduit repairs are no match for our skilled electricians.

Electric Cable Repair

Electrical cable repair can be a dangerous job. If the electrical cables to your house are broken you definitely want to call an electrician. Cables can break from storms and trees or accidents with equipment. However your cables broke, when its time to do the electrical cable repairs call RUESI.
knowing the cables
Home appliances set black color on white background. 3d illustration

Electric Appliance Repair

Electrical appliance repair can be a daunting task to the everyday homeowner. Some electrical appliances run off of higher voltage and are more dangerous. The problem could be a broken appliance or just a broken part. It could be the wires from the appliance to the wall or even the outlet the appliacne plugs in to. If your appliacne isn’t workng you can call RUESI to have an electrician come out to look at the problem right away.

Electric Fireplace Repair

Electric fireplace repair can be done by our electricians. If your electric fireplace isn’t working the problem could be in the switch, the wiring, or the components of the electric fireplace could be broken. No matter the actual problem you can call RUESI to send an electrican out to your home and fix the problem. Leave all of your electric fireplace repairs to us.
Fireplace at the living room
Senior couple with grandaughter gardening in the backyard garden

Electric Fence Repair

Electric Fence repair can be challenging. The cause of the problem could be a broken wire or a faulty connection. The source of the short has to be found an corrected in order for the elctric fenc to work again. Don’t waste a bunch of time trying to find the solution. Call RUESI for fast and safe electric fence repairs.

Electric Heater Repair

Are you looking for help with an electric heater repair? Losing a heater never happens at the right time. The wiring to the heater could be bad, the outlet, or event the heating element could be out. The important thing is to fix your broken electric heater as soon as possible. For safe and fast electric heater repairs call RUESI now.
Technician and the Heater Issue
Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric Car Charger Repair

Are you needing assistance with an electric car charging repair? We have the electricians you’re looking for. Electric car charging stations are complex systems and should be looked after by a licensed electrician. The problem with your broken electric car charger could be coming from the panel to the charger, it could be in the charger itself, or it could be in the circuits leading to the unit. Whatever the problem may be you don’t need to worry yourself and waste your time on this one. RUESI has the electrician you need to take care of your electric car charger repairs.

Electric Box Repair

Get help from an electrician with your electrical box repair. Boxes can become damaged when too much force is applied to them. This usually leads to a faulty enclosure and possibly a short in the circuit. If you have a broken electrical box, don’t hesitate to call RUESI. We will be glad to take care of all of your electric box repairs safe and fast.
Ancient Vintage Rusted Outdoor Electrical Fuses Boxes Holders
Electric switches in fusebox. Many black circuit brakers in a ro

Electrical Panel Repair

Electrical panel repair is one of the hardest repairs to do on a home if the homeowner needs electrical panel replacement. It requires a lot of time and a lot of skill to get it right as well as multiple electricians. This is one home electrical repair that you should definitely leave to the pros. The problems could be in the wiring, the connectors, the bus bars, the lugs, the breakers, the lines in, etc. The list goes on and that means you should call RUESI to handle all fo your electrical panel repairs.

Electrical Circuit Repair

Don’t lose out on precious time trying to perform electrical circuit repair yourself. Our experienced electricians will be able to help you fix your broken circuit. The problem could be in the wiring or the devices, or even the connections. If any of these things have a problem your circuit will short and need repairing. Let RUESI hand all of your electrical circuit repiars today.
Electrician with Electric Cable
Unlocking door

Electrical Doorbell Repair

Electric doorbell repair can be difficult There are multiple ways to wire a doorbell and even many electricians have a hard time. There are many parts that could go bad when you have a broken doorbell. The doorbell, the transformer, the circuit, the outlet the transformer plugs in to, etc. All these things need to be check in order to determine how to fix the doorbell. Let RUESI help you with any electric doorbell repairs.

Electrical Switch Repair

Do you need help with an electrical switch repair? Sometimes fixing a broken electrical switch can be hard. The problem could be in the wiring, the connections, or the switch. Sometimes it’s something completely different. Don’t guess at your electrical switch repairs. Let RUESI handle them for you quickly and safely.
Electrician Repairing Domestic Light Switch

Electrical Dimmer Repair

Do you need a hand with an electrical dimmer repair? occasionally fixing a broken electrical dimmer can be difficult. The problem could be in the wiring, the connections, or the switch. Sometimes it’s not any of those. Don’t guess at your electrical dimmer repairs. Let RUESI handle them for you safe and sound.

Electrical GFI Repair

Are you looking for a hand with an electrical GFI repair? Here and there fixing a broken electrical GFI can be difficult. The problem could be in the wiring, the connections, or the GFI. Sometimes it’s not any of those. Don’t speculate at your electrical GFI repairs. Let RUESI handle them for you effectively and up to code.

Electric Generator Repair

Do you have an electric generator repair that needs extra help? Electric generators can break at any time. The problem could be in the generator, the wiring, the connections, or even something else. Our electricians are experience and capable of fixing your electric generator. Let RUESI handle all of your electrical generator repairs today!

Electric Relay Repair

Electric Enclosure Repair

Electric Insulator Repair

Electric Transformer Repair

Electric Short Repair

Electric Raceway Repair

Electric Equipment Repair

Electric Disconnect Repair

Electric Connectors Repair

Electrical Component Repair

Electrical Breaker Repair

Electrical Ballast Repair

Electrical Troubleshooting Services

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