Lighting sets the tone for a romantic dinner, brightens a dark parking lot, and enhances an artistic photograph. Every discipline and every organism is affected by light. As a business owner, lighting is especially important for aesthetics, customer service, and productivity. The professional Indianapolis area electricians at RU Electrical Service specializes in commercial and residential lighting services. Let us shed some light on your home or business!

Lighting is a necessity in life. Many of us don’t realize how important lights and electricity are until the power goes out. However, lighting improves more than just visibility. Enhance your life by upgrading workplace lighting.


PRODUCTIVITYWorkplace Productivity

Work environments like offices, manufacturing, and assembly facilities require appropriate lighting for attention to detail and task management. While it may seem expensive to update lighting, highly efficient employees result in fewer product defects for overall cost reduction.

SAFETYParking Lot Lighting

For business owners, a great place to start is updating parking lot lighting. If you can see where you’re going, your safety is improved. Our electricians install the proper lighting to meet safety codes and energy efficiency.

MOODRestaurant Lighting

Lighting is important for creating mood effects, which is especially important in restaurants and service industries. Positive atmospheres can encourage customers to stay for meals, coffee, and dessert. It is key to have the proper type of fluorescent lighting to capture color and texture to sell products and entice customers.

Regardless of your business or lifestyle, lighting makes a difference in your daily life. It’s easy to get busy with the day-to-day tasks and forget about environmental deficits. Consider upgrading your lighting to improve work productivity, safety, and mood of organizations and employees. 

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