Licensed Electrician Indianapolis

licensed electrician indianapolis

Electricians are tradespersons who install, design, repair, and maintain electrical systems indoors and outdoors. You have to choose the right licensed electrician for Indianapolis projects to have a successful electrical repair or installment. A licensed electrician in Indianapolis can have specializations, like residential, commercial, and automotive.

If you are looking for a licensed electrician in Indianapolis, turn to RU Electrical Service Inc. We can accommodate residential, commercial, and lighting projects. Each of our licensed electrician in Indianapolis can not only install wirings but also efficiently troubleshoot and repair electrical systems. 

How to Choose a Licensed Electrician in Indianapolis

If you have a construction project or need to do electrical repairs at home, you need to hire a licensed electrician in Indianapolis to help you. Here is a list of things to look for in a licensed electrician in Indianapolis:

  • Training

The schooling of a licensed electrician in Indianapolis is actually extensive. A licensed electrician in Indianapolis has to be updated with the latest technology and has to know the National Electric Code. With this knowledge, a licensed electrician in Indianapolis can create electrical installations that will work effectively and efficiently for your project. 

  • Specialization

Similar to architects and engineers, a licensed electrician in Indianapolis can also focus on one type of project. You should check if the licensed electrician in Indianapolis you hire specializes in the type of installation or repair you need. When you are dealing with wires at home, better call a residential licensed electrician in Indianapolis instead of a commercial one. 

  • Licenses

It is better to whether the person you hired is indeed a licensed electrician in Indianapolis. Check the permit to operate of the linesman if it is up-to-date. A licensed electrician in Indianapolis can somehow ensure you that their work is of good quality. 

  • Bonds, Insurances, and Warranties

When you ask a licensed electrician in Indianapolis to help you with electrical problems, you should inspect if the contract is insured. When a linesman did bad repairs or an incomplete job, a bonding company can pay for the damages or poor work. 

In addition, the electrical company should give Workers Compensation insurance to each licensed electrician in Indianapolis offices to protect them. In the unlikely event of a workplace accident, the firm would be responsible for the medical bills of their employee. 

Warranties, on the other hand, are for the licensed electrician in Indianapolis to guarantee customer satisfaction. A specific duration would be indicated in the contract regarding their obligation in case of faulty repairs and installations. Before signing the deal with a licensed electrician in Indianapolis, confirm if the months or years of the warranty will cover the service they will provide you. 

  • Company Website

Another way for you to evaluate whether you’ll be working with a licensed electrician in Indianapolis is through his or her website. If a company's terms and services are not agreeable for you, look for another firm that employs a licensed electrician in Indianapolis. 

  • Ratings and Reviews

The feedback of customers is essential in any business. There are review sites that rate the services of a licensed electrician in Indianapolis. You can check the comments of previous clients and know if the licensed electrician in Indianapoliscan provide the quality of work that you need.

Reach Out to RU Electrical Service Inc.

Each licensed electrician for Indianapolis projects in our team is well trained and experienced. Our company has been providing electrical services for more than 25 years. We can handle a variety of projects including electrical installations, repairs, upgrades, and safety checks. Our company can provide services for both residential and commercial areas. 

Our company has done electrical jobs for apartment complexes, banks, auto garages, restaurants, and more. In addition to this, you can rely on our licensed electrician in Indianapolis when it comes to emergency electrical services. You can spend less time while getting reliable electrical work at RU Electrical Service Inc. For a licensed electrician in Indianapolis, contact us today. 

RU Electrical Service Inc.: Your Trusted Electrical Contractor in Indiana

Are you experiencing electrical fluctuations in your house? Do you have power outlets at home that are shorted out? If your answers to these questions are yes, you need an electrical contractor that can repair and troubleshoot wiring systems.

For your electrical concerns in Indianapolis, Fishers, McCrodsville, and nearby, turn to an electrical contractor that is experienced and trusted by homeowners. You can rely on RU Electrical Service Inc. We are one of the best electricians in Indiana that offer excellent electrical services.

Our Services

Doing electrical repairs can be dangerous and challenging if you don’t have the knowledge and skills of an electrician. You might end up wasting your time and placing your life in jeopardy.

Why put your welfare at risk? To avoid this kind of situation, it is best to contact a certified contractor like RU Electrical Service Inc. When you work with us, you can take advantage of our top-notch services.

Electrical Repairs

It can be difficult to identify the root cause of some electrical problems. Sometimes, tripping breakers or flickering lights might present bigger electrical issues. Avoid these kinds of complications by opting for our electrical repairs.

Our team of electricians are capable of fixing faulty circuit breakers, broken electrical splices, and panel boards. Aside from that, we can also restore weatherheads and rewire electrical systems.

Electrical Installation

Our electricians are not only proficient in electrical repairs but also knowledgeable when it comes to installing electrical components. Does your living room need extra power outlets or light switches? If it does, we got you covered.

We can also install appliances. From your brand new fans to your high-definition televisions, you can ensure that your appliances will be accessible after installation.

Aside from electrical components and appliances, we also set up indoor and outdoor lighting systems. We are capable of installing track and recessed lightings, chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces. For outdoor lighting, our company can add landscape or motion lighting on your home’s exterior.

Serving Commercial Property Owners Too

RU Electrical Service Inc. is not only for residential homeowners but also for commercial property owners. The good thing about our electricians is that they also specialize in commercial lighting and building inspections.

It is vital to learn the state of your property’s electrical system. If you are curious about the condition of your building’s wiring system, you can opt for our inspection service. Our team will conduct a full inspection and identify if there are electrical wires or components that need to be repaired or replaced.

In addition, we can install and replace fixtures for incandescent, fluorescent lighting, and compact fluorescent lamps. Our team handles group relamping to ensure that all of your building’s lighting fixtures are replaced at the same time. This will allow you to easily dispose burned out bulbs and save a lot of money.

Our Service Areas

If you need a contractor that can address your electrical concerns in Indiana, RU Electrical Service Inc. can assist you. We service Indianapolis, Fishers, McCordsville, and most of Central Indiana. 

Let the Master Electricians of RU Electrical Service Inc. Handle All of Your Electrical Dilemmas

RU Electrical Service Inc. is here to provide you the electrical services that you need. Our goal is to make your home safe from faulty wiring systems, so you can have peace of mind. Let us know what needs to be done and we’ll ensure that we head straight to the issue.

Our licensed electricians are well-trained and have years of experience in performing electrical maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Whether you are having trouble with your electrical panel boards, meter boxes, or circuit, our electricians will do the troubleshooting and repairing for you. 

For all kinds of installation, we offer a free quotation to homeowners. To learn more about our services, get in touch with RU Electrical Service Inc. today.