Light Switch Repair

The need for light switch repair is something everyone will experience at some point or another. We all use lights and we all use switches. Light switches are so a part of our lives that we cannot afford to live without them. If you think you need light switch repair then you are in the right place. RU Electrical Service has over 30 years of light switch repair experience. Let us help you figure out the best way to repair your light switch.
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What is wrong with my light switch?

Let’s first take a look at what your switch does. Your switch’s job is to make and break a complete circuit in the electrical wiring that is powering your light. A complete circuit is where the wires from the switch to the light and the power source are all connected with no interruptions. This is what allows power to flow to your light and you to control it from the wall. This means if the switch cannot open and close then it will not turn your lights off and on. The problem lies either in the switch’s mechanism or at the terminals where the switch is physically wired in. (Note: the problem could be somewhere else but for the sake of this article we are assuming the problem is in the switching and not anything else.)

How do I fix my light switch, safely?

The safest way to fix your light switch is going to be to call an electrician. You want to make sure that all precautions are taken while dealing with your home’s electrical wiring.

How does RU Electrical Service repair light switches?

RU Electrical Service follows the following process when repair light switches for their customer.

Locate the faulty light switch Identify the appropriate circuit breaker and cut the power to the switch in question.

Test the light switch to make sure the power is off. Remove the faceplate screws and set the faceplate to the side.

Remove the top and bottom screws that attach the light switch to the electrical box. Carefully pull the light switch out of the wall. Check the terminals for proper wiring and connections.

Unscrew the wire terminal screws and remove the wiring from the switch.

Take the new switch and replace the wires under the proper terminals.

Place the outlet back into the box and replace the top and bottom mounting screws. Reinstall the decorative plate.

Go back to the breaker and restore the power.

Check to see that the switch turns the light off and on.
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Why should I trust RU Electrical Service light switch repair?

We can solve your problem fast and efficiently. When you call us we bring all the tools and we bring all the parts. You never have to leave your house. You never have to wander around the home improvement store for any amount of time looking for parts and material. We do it all for you while you’re in the comfort of your home or while you’re away at work. Not only is our service convenient, it is also safe. We understand the dangers of electrical power and we want you to know that we take every precaution necessary and then some to ensure the safety of your family. Electrical safety may not be something you think about every day but at RU Electrical Service we’ve been practicing it for the last 30 years. In 30 years we haven’t had a single incident where electrical safety was not taken seriously.

Do I need to replace my light switch?

The majority of the time the light switch will need to be replaced if the light switch is the source of the problem. Sometimes it can seem like it’s the light switch but the problem lies elsewhere. If the switch works you do not need to replace the light switch. At this point, you will need to discover the actual source of the problem via electrical troubleshooting.

What kind of options do I have when replacing my light switch?

If your light switch is the source of the problem and it has nothing to do with the way it was wired or anything else, then you may be looking at a light switch replacement. This is a perfect time to change up the look or utility of that electrical fixture. There are many options for replacing that switch listed below

Types of light switches

Dimmer switch
LED light switch
Smart light switch
Decorative rocker switch

Light Switch Brands you can consider:

Pass & Seymour
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Don’t wait, call us for all of your light switch repair needs today!

RU Electrical Service light switch repair service area

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