Motion Sensors and Security lighting


Sensors can be used for your safety and protection. They respond to changes in either light, temperature or movement. Using these either inside or outside can help you not only with safety but can also make your home or business more energy-efficient!

Outdoor motion sensors

Security lights can either be used by your front door or your garage to enhance your security and give you peace of mind! These are best installed at the entrances or exits to your home or business and come with many benefits.


Security is one of the biggest benefits of all. If someone approaches your home at night a light turning on will instantly scare them away. There were a series of break-ins in my community, and after hearing this I decided to install motion sensor lights pointing at my car, guess who never had a break-in… it was me.


Are your friends coming over and you forgot to turn the light on for? No worries, when they approach they will be greeted warmly with your new lights! Not only that but perhaps you forgot to leave your porch light on for yourself when you come home, no more struggling to find the keyhole. Your light will shine and give you the vision you need

Money Saved

As you read before, less chance of burglary = more money saved, simple as that. This could also prevent accidents and maybe even lower your insurance costs! You will also be living a greener life, using less energy because you won’t need to leave your lights on all the time. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you will also be saving electricity costs as well!

It just looks nice

Motion sensor lights have a huge curb appeal! It can make your house look better, giving you that high-class vibe.

Motion Sensors for inside your home

They can either be mounted on the ceiling or on your wall like a light switch. Occupancy sensors use a motion sensor to detect when your room is occupied and then after a period of time where no activity is detected will shut off on their own. You can even get occupancy sensors that adjust the amount of light put out based on the time of day. There are motion sensors designed for different parts of your home such as bathrooms, stairways, and halls. They come with a bunch of perks including:

Energy Efficiency

Going green is in and motion sensors are a great way to put the environment first. Sensors inside your home can reduce lighting electricity consumption anywhere from 15% all the way up to 90% depending on the type of lights used and how often you are moving around your home. The best places to start are areas that are intermittently used such as bathrooms and garages and can offer over 90% savings on lighting.


Having these sensors in potentially dangerous areas like stairwells and bathrooms can help prevent accidents from happening!


Never again will you have to worry about trying to find that light switch in the dark or trying to hit the lights with your hands full.

Are Motion Sensors right for you?

Quit worrying about if your kids are leaving the lights on while you’re gone or whether or not someone is going to hurt themselves in the dark! Installing Motion Sensor lighting will give you peace of mind in so many areas of your life. Whether you are trying to save money or improve your security, this is a great option for everyone!

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