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What is a transformer?

A transformer is a passive electrical device that transfers electricity from one electrical circuit to one or multiple circuits. It can increase or decrease voltage that is transferred so it can operate at appropriate and safe voltages.

Different types of Transformers

Laminated Core

This is the most common type of transformer. They are used in electrical power transmissions and appliances to convert main voltage to low voltage to give power to electronic devices. They come in power ranges from milli-watts to Megawatts.

Isolation Transformers

These allow two appliances to be connected without power being directly routed from one device to another. They are used in situations where it is safer to isolate a single piece of equipment from the source of power.

Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal Transformers are unique because they allow the transfer of electricity from one circuit to another one without a change in frequency. They use electromagnetic induction to reduce losses, physical size and weight of switch-mode power supplies. They use a circular formation to minimize the length of wire needed and helps prevent electromagnetic interference.

Pad-Mounted Transformers

These types of transformers can be used outside buildings where conventional unit substations might not be appropriate because they are built with tamper-resistant construction, meaning they do not require fencing.

They are popular because of their flexible, low profile design and are ideal for places like schools, offices, restaurants, and local businesses.

Cast Coil Transformers

These transformers have a high dielectric strength and can handle overvoltages, electrical stress, and thermal stress well.  In addition, these transformers generally have a long life and require little maintenance. Due to the cast coil windings, moisture and airborne contaminants do not affect the transformer.  These transformers are good in facilities like food and beverage production, pharmaceutical production, automotive production, medical production, and pulp and paper production.

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