Wiring Updates


Your appliances and electronics in your home always work fine, but does that mean your wiring is up to date? Not necessarily. You should consider having a professional inspect your houses wiring, especially if your home is older than 40 years old.

Installing proper wiring does more than just ensure your safety, it means your home will stay reliable, and enhance its functionality.

Telltale Signs Your Home May Need a Wiring Upgrade

Older wiring

Aluminum, non-metallic and non-tube wiring are all examples of older wiring that may need to be replaced in your home to assure your safety. Older wiring also runs the risk of being frayed or having loose connections, which could cause shorts or grounding problems.

Two Pronged Outlets

If your outlets are missing the third hole on the bottom, it is a huge safety hazard. This third hole(earth ground) is there to prevent the current from traveling through you, making you the ground.

Not Using GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are used in high moisture areas to protect you from shock. They can be identified by a test and reset button on the front of the outlet. Use of these is not only helpful but required in many areas of your house.

Missing AFCIs

AFCIs also known as arc fault circuit interrupters, are a type of circuit breaker that breaks the circuit when it detects an electrical arc in the circuit. It can distinguish between a harmless arc sometimes caused by motor driven vacuum cleaner or furnace motor and a dangerous arc for example a lamp cord with a broken conductor.

Lacking Power

Modern homes require 100 to 200 amps of power and if your house has old wiring it could only be running on 60 amps. With technological advances your electronics and appliances need an adequate power supply or run the risk of becoming damaged or completely broken.

Your Wiring Needs

Ensuring your wiring is up to par not only sets you up now but for the future as well. With electronics becoming an ever important part of our lives, make sure your home is ready to stand up to whatever the future brings. Contact Ru-Electrical and we will ensure your home is up to the highest standard ready to handle all of your electrical needs!