Are you an Indianapolis-area business owner or manager? Whether you rent or own your property, maintaining it can feel like a huge chore that never ends. Even simple tasks like changing a light bulb can become burdensome in “light” of the other responsibilities you and your employees have. (We’re betting there’s more than one light bulb in your building…)


Don’t get bogged down by the responsibility of keeping your office, store, or restaurant well lit. Instead, call the electricians at RU Electrical Service, Inc. Our team specializes in commercial electrical and lighting solutions. We can help you choose lights or light bulbs that are efficient or help you find custom wiring solutions.

Plus, our electricians offer specialized lighting maintenance services. So if you want to hand off the responsibility of changing light bulbs, keeping parking lot lights bright and safe, or group relamping, the electricians of RU Electrical Service, Inc. can meet your needs. We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services to Indianapolis businesses like yours that can make your life easier and allow you to focus on the bigger day-to-day tasks of running your business.

RU Electrical Service, Inc. is based out of McCordsville, IN and provides electrical service to businesses and residents in Indianapolis, CarmelFishersGreenfield, and ZionsvilleContact RU Electrical Service, Inc. today at (317) 348-5047 to hear about all our commercial electrical services.

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